Tjeerd Derkink

Tjeerd Derkink

Visual storytelling with a life-size approach

Tjeerd Derkink is a freelance photographer and art director, mainly doing corporate shoots, action sports, music and documentary photography. Visual storytelling with a life-size approach, often inspired by movies and music videos.

Having spent most of his life in skateboarding and music scenes, these have a major influence on his life and work. He likes to work with flashes on the streets or go low profile with ambient light and sneak around to get authentic imagery.

Curiosity is what is feeding his enthusiasm for creating images. This might also be the reason that makes Tjeerd into a versatile photographer. Either if it is helping a business to build its brand or to help people reminisce great moments in which they might have been submerged in the moment. Over the years, Tjeerd has worked for different brands, magazines, labels and artists.

When we ask Tjeerd to test a new speedlite flash or have a chat with him, we always see the coolest stories in both words and pictures - and this is exactly what gets us excited about his photos. Tjeerd's background in design provides an extra dimension to his photography work, and we love it.

*Please note! The website(s) are in Dutch.
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