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Are you ready to make better videos?

Mount your favorite camera on Wiral LITE and you’re ready to create amazing motion shots. With Wiral LITE, you can replicate professional dolly shots from all angles, follow people and objects in motion, or make settings come to life as you move your camera on the line. Automatic movement lets you film without the need to use the remote.

Wiral LITE Cable Cam Unit
This is Wiral LITE - it sets your camera in motion and takes it places it's never been before. You can control the movement of Wiral LITE along the line with the remote or set it to move automatically on its own.

Your Camera
Wiral LITE comes with a standard ¼ camera mount. All you need to do is mount your favorite camera to Wiral LITE and you’re ready to film. You can use any camera up to 1.5kg/3.3lbs in weight.

Rope System
Set up our patent-pending Quick Reel™ rope system and place Wiral LITE on it - it takes less than 3 minutes!

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