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Let's team up for a greener world!

Founded during a road trip by Christian, Chris, and Minnie, Urth is dedicated to reconnecting people with their creative nature and inspiring positive environmental change. Their mission is to create a better future for the planet and its inhabitants. Urth believes creativity can be a driving force for meaningful change and environmental regeneration. Conscious design and the use of sustainable materials are crucial for Urth to create products that have minimal impact on the environment. With every product purchased, trees are planted in areas affected by severe deforestation to revitalize ecosystems and empower local communities.

Together, we can create a better future.




Urth assortiment


Urth's range of products includes lens filters and lens adapters of all shapes and sizes, various camera bags and inserts, camera straps, tech organizers, laptop sleeves and cleaning kits.

Urth Photography Accessories

Lens Filters

Urth offers a wide range of lens filters. With various types of filters, Urth provides a wide range of options to achieve specific effects and results. Here is an overview of the different types of filters offered by Urth:

  • UV Lens Filters: Protect the lens from ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish haze.
  • UV Lens Filters +: UV lens filters with additional features or functionality.
  • Circular Polarizing Lens Filters: Reduce reflections and enhance color saturation.
  • Circular Polarizing Lens Filters +: Circular polarizing lens filters with additional features or properties.
  • ND4 (Two Stops) ND Lens Filters: Reduce the amount of light entering the lens by two stops. Allows larger apertures to be used in low-light conditions for beautiful shallow depth-of-field effects without overexposed images.
  • ND8 (Three Stops) ND Lens Filters: Reduce the amount of light by three stops.
  • ND16 (Four Stops) ND Lens Filters: Reduce the amount of light by four stops.
  • ND64 (Six Stops) ND Lens Filters: Reduce the amount of light by six stops.
  • ND100 (Ten Stops) ND Lens Filters: Reduce the amount of light by ten stops.
  • Circular Polarizing (CPL) + ND64 Lens Filter (Plus+): Combination of circular polarizing and ND64 functions.
  • Variable ND Lens Filters: Adjustable filters with different stop values, such as ND2-400, ND2-32, and ND8-128.
  • Soft Graduated ND8 Lens Filter (Plus+): Soft transition with ND8 density.
  • Hard Graduated ND8 Lens Filter (Plus+): Sharp transition with ND8 density.
  • Neutral Night Lens Filter (Plus+): Special filter for night photography.
  • Infrared (R72) Lens Filter (Plus+): Filter for infrared photography.
  • Ethereal ⅛ Diffusion Lens Filter (Plus+): Lens filter for a subtle diffused effect.
  • Ethereal ¼ Diffusion Lens Filter (Plus+): Lens filter for a slightly stronger diffused effect.

The Plus+ range features advanced technologies, such as the 20-layer nano-coating. This coating facilitates cleaning, offers better protection against water, oil, and scratches. These layers increase the maximum light transmission and ensure consistent transmission curves, resulting in better reduction of unwanted light.

All filters have dual threads for stacking filters or using screw-on lens caps. These lens filters are available in various millimeters to fit different lenses. Urth's filters are made of high-quality materials, such as optical glass, which ensures clear and sharp images without any loss of quality. Moreover, Urth is committed to sustainability, and the filters are packaged with minimal impact on the environment. The packaging is recyclable and free from harmful plastics.

In addition to lens filters, Urth also offers magnetic and square filters as complementary options. Magnetic filters feature a convenient magnetic mounting system, allowing for quick and easy attachment and removal from the lens. This makes it fast and convenient to change filters while shooting. On the other hand, square filters are used in special holders attached to the lens. These filters offer more flexibility and control as they can be adjusted and moved within the filter holder, allowing photographers to precisely tailor the effect to their needs. Magnetic filters are ideal for photographers who want to work quickly and frequently switch filters, while square filters are suitable for situations that require precise positioning and adjustment. With both magnetic and square filters, photographers can further explore their creative vision and elevate their photographic results.

Urth Lens Mount Adapters

Urth offers an extensive selection of lens mount adapters, allowing you to connect different lenses to cameras with various mounts. These adapters help expand your camera's capabilities and experiment with new lens combinations. Whether you have a Canon RF camera and want to try out lenses with a Canon FD mount or use a Sony E-mount camera with Fujifilm X lenses, Urth's lens and camera mount adapters make it possible.

Using a lens mount adapter does require some knowledge of manually operating your camera since most automatic features like aperture, autofocus, AE metering, and image stabilization are not automatically transferred. You will need to adjust the exposure settings yourself and manually control the focus.

Urth's lens mount adapters are designed with durability and quality in mind. They feature a smart design and are made from high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. The adapters provide a secure and sturdy connection, without any light leakage, and have an anti-reflective matte black finish. Furthermore, they come with a lifetime warranty, allowing you to enjoy your photography adventures with confidence.

Urth Camera Bags

Urth camera bags provide an excellent solution for photographers seeking functionality and durability. The range includes the 20-liter Arkose backpack and the 24-liter Norite backpack. Additionally, there are various camera inserts available, as well as laptop sleeves for 13 to 16-inch laptops. To keep your accessories organized, Tech Organizers are also available. All these products come in four stylish colors: black, green, beige, and gray.


The Arkose backpack, with its sleek design, is perfect for daily use during photography outings, travel, and commuting. With 12 storage compartments, the backpack offers ample space for all your essentials. It features padded laptop and tablet compartments, a stylus pen insert, and pockets for small valuable items. The exterior of the backpack is made of durable, weather-resistant recycled nylon, ensuring your belongings stay safe and protected even in unfavorable weather conditions.

What truly makes the Arkose backpack versatile is its bottom zippered front pocket, which perfectly accommodates the Small Camera Insert. This allows you to easily transform your everyday backpack into a full-fledged camera bag, complete with external tripod straps. Moreover, you can unzip the divider to create a larger storage space if you need to carry extra gear. The Arkose backpack has a volume of 20 liters and dimensions of H46cm x W28cm x D15cm. The light-colored interior provides better visibility, while the durable YKK zippers ensure smooth and reliable closures. Furthermore, 70% of the materials used are recycled. With a lifetime warranty, you can be assured of quality and durability.

In addition to the Arkose backpack, Urth also offers the Norite backpack, a streamlined 24-liter backpack that is perfect for daily use, photography outings, travel, and commuting. The Norite backpack shares the same high-quality features as the Arkose but provides a more spacious storage capacity with a volume of 24 liters and dimensions of H50cm x W31cm x D17cm. Like all other Urth products, the Norite backpack also comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-lasting use and satisfaction.

Camera inserts

The Urth camera inserts fit perfectly into the Arkose and Norite backpacks. These inserts are available in two sizes and allow you to securely and organizedly store your camera kit. The Arkose Small Camera Insert is designed to accommodate a DSLR, a lens, and a filter set, with ample space for batteries and memory cards. This insert fits snugly in the bottom compartment of the Arkose backpack. With adjustable dividers, you can customize the equipment layout to your preference, while a top handle and YKK zippers on both ends provide easy access and better organization. The exterior is padded for additional protection, and the dual elastic storage pockets offer extra storage options. Like other Urth products, the Small Camera Insert is made of weather-resistant recycled nylon and features durable YKK zippers. With a volume of 3.7L and dimensions of H16cm x W26cm x D12cm, this insert is an ideal choice for transforming your Arkose backpack into a camera bag.

The Norite Medium Camera Insert is designed for the Norite backpack and can accommodate a DSLR, three lenses, and a filter set, with ample storage space for batteries and memory cards. This insert fits precisely into the main compartment of the 24L Norite backpack. Like the Small Camera Insert, the Norite Medium Camera Insert features adjustable dividers for customizable organization. The top handle and YKK zippers on both ends ensure easy access and efficient gear organization. The padded exterior provides extra protection, and the dual elastic storage pockets offer additional accessory storage. With a volume of 11.3L and dimensions of H31cm x W

28cm x D13cm, the Norite Medium Camera Insert is a perfect addition to your Norite backpack.

Laptop sleeves

Urth laptop sleeves keep your laptop safe and protected. The 13/14" Naos Laptop Sleeve is designed with padded corners, a weather-resistant exterior made of 100% recycled nylon, and a soft fleece lining. This sleeve provides lightweight and sturdy protection for your laptop on the go. The short zipper at the top ensures maximum edge protection while offering easy access. The plush lining helps safeguard the laptop against dust and scratches. With a volume of 1.7L and dimensions of H34cm x W25cm x D2cm, this sleeve is suitable for 13/14" laptops.

The 15/16" Naos Laptop Sleeve offers the same high-quality protection and functionality as its smaller counterpart. With a volume of 2.3L and dimensions of H39cm x W29cm x D2cm, this sleeve is suitable for 15/16" laptops.

Made from 70% recycled material, the Naos Laptop Sleeve contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tech Organizer

The Urth Zeolite Tech Organizer (Black) is an ingenious companion for keeping all your small essentials safe and organized while on the go. Think of cables and other small accessories that would otherwise be loose in your bag.

With a capacity of 2.4L and a whopping 11 storage compartments, this clever organizer provides ample space for keeping all your tech necessities neatly stored. The light-coloured interior ensures easy visibility even in the dark. Thanks to the weather-resistant 600D recycled nylon material, the contents remain protected against the elements.

With dimensions of H13cm x W23cm x D8cm, this organizer is compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go use. Its sleek design gives the Zeolite Tech Organizer a stylish and professional look.

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