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Johan vd Wielen

Johan vd Wielen

'Let others experience what I experience'

“My wish and motivation is to record the importance and vulnerability of nature, to let others experience what I experience and to make people enthusiastic and inspire me about what amazes me every day.”

Johan showed us how beautiful nature is, just around the corner from us. You can expect a new landscape every 20 minutes in the Netherlands, which is really beautiful, and that makes this country incredibly photogenic!

Within nature photography, Johan has specialized in landscape photography, macro photography and night photography. His field of activity in the Netherlands extends from the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, via the Wadden Islands to the far north, where he goes in search of the impressive and often unspoilt nature in Finland and Norway, from bears and wolverines to the mysterious northern lights (and sometimes even also in Greenland).

When the IRIX brand came on the scene in 2016, Johan quickly took the lead to thoroughly test this rectilinear lens, and wrote a 14-page review. Since then Johan has had all kinds of adventures with our articles, and he regularly gives his (unsalted) opinion about news.

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